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January 2014

Changes to 2014 Real Estate Laws

Now that we’ve all recovered from the holidays, I thought I would share a few new laws that took effect this year regarding real estate and the wide scope that this covers. Increased diligence on Mortgage lenders to triple check that borrowers are able to pay back loans. Yes, they will call your employer three times and ask for more than one bank statement. With all the bad mortgages that …Read More

Real Estate Investments still rank among best bet for long term wealth-even vacation homes

Three California ski towns rank among best for home investors If you’ve been living in California over the past 5 years, there is no doubt that someone you know was hit by the recession, either mildly or severely. This might have meant losing a client or a job or even a family home. Many sectors of business (pretty much all) had some negative effect from the crash that began in …Read More