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February 2014

Don’t participate in Selective Enforcement

Loud parties, unsupervised move ins and outs, not reporting roof leaks or plumbing leaks inside units, swimming naked, propping gates open, dripping trash bags through the hallway, putting diapers down the toilet, losing the common area keys, abusing guest parking- you name it, Cardinal has seen it. More importantly, when tenants get caught or are told that these kinds of abuses are inappropriate, they tend to place blame on someone else…they …Read More

Navigating FHA Loans in HOA’s

Just want to thank everyone who has taken the time to check out our new website. The feedback we’re getting is fantastic and I’m very thankful! With house and condo prices still at record lows here in California, I want to shortly discuss rules when it comes to allowing FHA loans in an HOA community. Ultimately, the board can decide not to get the HOA FHA approved, although I believe …Read More

Unaffordable Housing continues to be a problem in Southern California

Southland home sales tumble in January, price increases slow Wasn’t it just ‘yesterday’ that we were told there were hundreds of thousands of houses sitting empty due to the economic downturn? And while no one wants to dance on the grave of those who have lost their homes, there was a silver lining that home ownership might be affordable again for young families as banks released the properties. So, it …Read More

The Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act

The Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act is the popular name of the portion of the California Civil Code beginning with section 1350, which governs condominium, cooperative, and planned unit development communities in California. On January 1, 2014, the Common Interest Development Act made some changes that could impact how your HOA operates; some of the substantial changes are below. Common use area may be granted exclusivity to a member to …Read More

Refinancing and going to remodel? Make sure you know about SB 407.

Senator Padilla of the San Fernando Valley, introduced Senate Bill 407 back in 2009 that didn’t really get much traction at the time- until now. The bill that went into effect on January 1 and is causing significant confusion amongst the building and remodeling industries. Essentially, anytime a homeowner does a remodel which requires applying for a building permit that alters or improves a single family residence built in 1994 …Read More

Should an HOA require property owners that have renters to leave an additional security deposit with the HOA?

Managing renters in your home can be difficult at times. Much more if the property is subject to HOA rules that the renter must also comply with. We’ve had a few people ask us recently about HOA’s and if they should require renters to leave a security deposit with an HOA during their tenancy. While there are compelling arguments on both sides of this, Cardinal believes that the HOA should …Read More