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March 2014


CC&Rs are the bible of any homeowners association (HOA). No matter the reason, HOAs will likely need to amend their bylaws at some point to reflect current case law, clarify provisions or make other changes. Below are a few tips to ensure the process is handled effectively while avoiding unnecessary conflict. 10 Tips on Amending Your CC&Rs

Drunk board members need not attend

As much entertainment as an inebriated board member may bring to an HOA meeting, it is probably best that they sit this one out. You’re asking why I would write a blog on this topic aren’t you? Admittingly, it is more common than you think. Part of a board members fiduciary responsibility includes making informed and reasonable decisions that impact many people in an HOA – clearly, someone who is …Read More

Medical Marijuana…tenants and HOA’s rights on a very controversial subject

There are usually strict guidelines on marijuana usage in HOA’s, or any drug use for that matter. However, how should an HOA handle a tenant that is using medical marijuana as a pain reliever? One recent case in Arizona went to court when the tenant sued the HOA stating that since the drug was now legal in the state, and he had chronic pain, he was justified in its use. …Read More

Security Cameras & Property

Recently, one of our clients asked about installing cameras throughout the HOA in an effort to promote more security. While we do believe that security cameras will act as a deterrent to some thieves, it is important to realize that desperate criminals will still make an effort to break in. Even in HOAs with gates, security is important. I always advise HOA’s to remind residents to lock the doors to …Read More