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Monthly Newsletters can work in your HOA

It seems as though the flow of information is coming at us in lighting speed … using Facebook, blogging, sending emails and texts are all normal business practices for many of us. People in all sectors want information now. Starting a monthly newsletter could be a great addition to your Home Owners Association. Here are a few simple tips when sending out your next HOA newsletter to keep it interesting …Read More


Satisfied property owners will vouch for our performance When selecting a Property Management or Real Estate firm in Southern California to represent your properties, experience and references are vital. With Cardinal Real Estate Property Management, you can be assured of those and so much more. Our professionals are proactive in anticipating your needs and the requirements of your property. We are appreciative for the many satisfied home owners and property …Read More

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Apartment Buildings Condominium complexes Commercial Buildings Single Family homes Investment Property Owning is one thing. Management of property and tenants is another. The business side of owning a multiple family dwelling is particularly challenging. Further, if it’s done wrong, building owners open themselves up to devastating legal action. Likewise single family homes have special issues. Making certain that the condition of your property maintains or increases its value is equally …Read More