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Additional units approved by Glendora City Council

The City Council at its Tuesday meeting approved a 24-unit addition to the previously approved Avalon Bay development on Route 66. The 280-unit project at 121 E. Route 66 is adding two three-story garden-style apartment buildings with 24 private garages and 14 surface parking spots at 221 E. Route 66. The addition also adds another driveway for residents to access the project from Route 66. The mixed-use project, which was …Read More

Unaffordable Housing continues to be a problem in Southern California

Southland home sales tumble in January, price increases slow Wasn’t it just ‘yesterday’ that we were told there were hundreds of thousands of houses sitting empty due to the economic downturn? And while no one wants to dance on the grave of those who have lost their homes, there was a silver lining that home ownership might be affordable again for young families as banks released the properties. So, it …Read More

Real Estate Investments still rank among best bet for long term wealth-even vacation homes

Three California ski towns rank among best for home investors If you’ve been living in California over the past 5 years, there is no doubt that someone you know was hit by the recession, either mildly or severely. This might have meant losing a client or a job or even a family home. Many sectors of business (pretty much all) had some negative effect from the crash that began in …Read More