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Property Management

Good Advice to HOA Board Members…Remember, someone is always watching

At a recent graduation I attended, out of nowhere comes a drone flying over the entire class. The principle, clearly surprised, took a moment and used it in his speech to the new graduates. He reminded them that nearly at all times now, someone is always watching. How does this pertain to you as a board director on your HOA board? Well, even in casual conversations with neighbors and other …Read More

now illegal to fine or punish those in HOA’s who do not water their lawn

Governor Brown has signed into law that it is now illegal to fine or punish those in HOA’s who do not water their lawn amid growing concerns about California’s water crisis. California has been in a severe drought now for over two years and new water laws have been popping up all over Southern California. In some cities watering your lawn can only take place on certain days during certain …Read More

We’re in a severe drought in California…should we drain our association pool?

To drain or not to drain…that is the question. Typically, associations drain pools to fix cosmetic surfaces…the tile, paving, or to get the pool re-plastered. Regardless of the association decision, take these few considerations into mind: An empty pool can be an eye sore. Residents tend to care about their surroundings…will this affect potential buyers from not buying in this particular association? Maybe not, but it is something to consider. …Read More

Monthly Newsletters can work in your HOA

It seems as though the flow of information is coming at us in lighting speed … using Facebook, blogging, sending emails and texts are all normal business practices for many of us. People in all sectors want information now. Starting a monthly newsletter could be a great addition to your Home Owners Association. Here are a few simple tips when sending out your next HOA newsletter to keep it interesting …Read More

4 Suggestions to Effectively Utilize Committees in HOA Matters

A committee here, a task force there … many of us in HOA management and in board positions can be pulled in several directions. From financial overview to grounds keeping, there are several things an HOA board has to do to keep up with the management of the properties. Effective committees help the entire board by focusing on certain issues and coming up with solutions that can be presented to …Read More

How important is walkability in communities with developing Real Estate Markets?

How important is walkability in communities with developing Real Estate Markets? While it may be hard to believe, Angelenos are losing their love affairs with their cars. According to a recent Los Angeles Times article, L.A. is on the “cusp of becoming a major walkable urban area.” Seems to make sense. If you look at the development of housing and apartment living in Old Town Pasadena, people like to live …Read More

New Smoke Alarm Regulations Take Affect July 1st

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire — and, if you’re compliant with the law, a smoke detector, too! Read on to ensure you and your clients comply with new and existing rules controlling smoke alarms in residential properties. A part of all residential properties Smoke alarms approved by the State Fire Marshal are required to be placed in all residential properties in California. The State Fire Marshal lists all approved smoke …Read More

Special assessments don’t feel special to HOA property owners

Two words that HOA owners despise: Special Assessments. Regardless of the improvement that is being made to the property or the emergency maintenance situation, all the owner hears is the cash register ringing. Special assessments are a necessary part of the HOA owner process but should be handled appropriately, and only really issued when deemed absolutely necessary. Below are a few guidelines to helping mitigate special assessments or avoid them in …Read More

Hiring a Professional Property Management Company

Recently, on the Community Associations Page on LinkedIn, there was a terrific post about questions you should ask when hiring a management company…we thought we would share! Hiring a company to manage your association is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. The comprehensive list below, is a great start to identifying a management team. 1. Tell me about your philosophy in Community Management 2. Same for Business …Read More

AirBnB – Love it or Leave it? Regardless, vacation home rentals should be left to management companies

Having a family of my own, I know the joys and hassle that sometimes occur on relaxing family vacations. Cramped quarters with three kids can be frustrating in a hotel…and that is how AirBnB arose. AirBnB is a vacation home rental service without the big hotel reservation system. People from all over the world can submit their own homes to be rented by others when traveling in that city…direct with …Read More