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Property Management


AC UNIT FILTER The most important maintenance to ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to replace or clean its filter. The clogged and dirty filters block the airflow and reduces the system’s efficiency by 5% to 15%. The filters are generally located somewhere along the return duct in the wall, ceiling, or in the air conditioner itself. Some types of filters are reusable; others must be replaced. They …Read More


It seems as though everyone now has email and access to the internet with expectations of information being available at our fingertips. In fact, many of our clients ask to be emailed or sent a text message when things are happening in the HOA…the way we communicate with each other has drastically changed in the last 5 years. All board of directors want to use their HOA website to keep …Read More

Large Versus Small Associations

DAVISSTIRLING.COM NEWSLETTER LARGE VERSUS SMALL ASSOCIATIONS QUESTION: I am a board member for an 8-unit association. Perhaps you can help me with some questions: (1) Do smaller associations have fewer disputes or legal problems? (2) Is governance different from that of a large association? ANSWER: There are distinct differences between large and small associations. When it comes to disputes, large associations have more of them but small associations experience greater …Read More

Maintaining Properties in Home Owners Associations

Dirty pool? Over grown tennis courts? Paint chipping on exterior walls? Don’t let your HOA get away with these things! As much as we preach to owners about the interior maintenance of their condos, keeping up the exterior of the complex is just as important. Curb appeal is a real thing… and it also reminds your potential Buyers that you care about the property. Your property management company should help …Read More

Technology and Common Interest Developments

Common interest developments are the only non-profits in California not permitted to vote electronically…almost hard to believe in the email world we live in today. However, AB 1360 in California hopes to change that. Assembly Bill 1360 is trying to change this rule with giving HOA’s the choice of offering its members the option to vote via the internet. How might this impact your HOA? Is it still vital to …Read More

Collecting Delinquent Assessments

What is your associations policy on collecting delinquent assessments? This is something that should be reviewed yearly on all HOA boards. As we all now, collecting debts that are years in arrears are extremely difficult to get. The longer you wait to start collection, the harder it will be to get the money. What action can you take in these circumstances? There are different statutes of limitations when it comes …Read More

Earthquake Insurance in Southern California

Feel that quake a few weeks back? If you in San Gabriel Valley and the outskirts my bet is that you did. Rethinking that earthquake insurance now? Might be a good idea. While everyone has their own theories about the next big one in southern California, there is no doubt that earthquake insurance will be helpful if the next one does come. Recently, there was a great article in the …Read More

Dogs and Cats Allowed

Although there is some disagreement on this issue, it appears that associations can no longer prohibit owners from having a pet. As provided for in Civil Code §1360.5, associations are allowed at least one “pet,” which is defined to mean any domesticated bird, cat, dog, or aquatic animal kept within an aquarium. Governing Documents. If an association’s governing documents allow members to have two or more pets, the Davis-Stirling Act …Read More


CC&Rs are the bible of any homeowners association (HOA). No matter the reason, HOAs will likely need to amend their bylaws at some point to reflect current case law, clarify provisions or make other changes. Below are a few tips to ensure the process is handled effectively while avoiding unnecessary conflict. 10 Tips on Amending Your CC&Rs

Drunk board members need not attend

As much entertainment as an inebriated board member may bring to an HOA meeting, it is probably best that they sit this one out. You’re asking why I would write a blog on this topic aren’t you? Admittingly, it is more common than you think. Part of a board members fiduciary responsibility includes making informed and reasonable decisions that impact many people in an HOA – clearly, someone who is …Read More