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Monthly Newsletters can work in your HOA

It seems as though the flow of information is coming at us in lighting speed … using Facebook, blogging, sending emails and texts are all normal business practices for many of us. People in all sectors want information now. Starting a monthly newsletter could be a great addition to your Home Owners Association. Here are a few simple tips when sending out your next HOA newsletter to keep it interesting …Read More

Home Sales in May Surge Up!

May showed a big increase in the number of existing homes, showing that there are homebuyers ready to get back in the market, but they seem to prefer the charm of older houses rather than new builds. In May, existing home sales increased 4.9% to 4.89 million seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) which was higher than consensus’ estimate of 4.8 million SAAR and the revised April reading of 4.66 million …Read More

How important is walkability in communities with developing Real Estate Markets?

How important is walkability in communities with developing Real Estate Markets? While it may be hard to believe, Angelenos are losing their love affairs with their cars. According to a recent Los Angeles Times article, L.A. is on the “cusp of becoming a major walkable urban area.” Seems to make sense. If you look at the development of housing and apartment living in Old Town Pasadena, people like to live …Read More

New Smoke Alarm Regulations Take Affect July 1st

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire — and, if you’re compliant with the law, a smoke detector, too! Read on to ensure you and your clients comply with new and existing rules controlling smoke alarms in residential properties. A part of all residential properties Smoke alarms approved by the State Fire Marshal are required to be placed in all residential properties in California. The State Fire Marshal lists all approved smoke …Read More

Hiring a Professional Property Management Company

Recently, on the Community Associations Page on LinkedIn, there was a terrific post about questions you should ask when hiring a management company…we thought we would share! Hiring a company to manage your association is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. The comprehensive list below, is a great start to identifying a management team. 1. Tell me about your philosophy in Community Management 2. Same for Business …Read More

AirBnB – Love it or Leave it? Regardless, vacation home rentals should be left to management companies

Having a family of my own, I know the joys and hassle that sometimes occur on relaxing family vacations. Cramped quarters with three kids can be frustrating in a hotel…and that is how AirBnB arose. AirBnB is a vacation home rental service without the big hotel reservation system. People from all over the world can submit their own homes to be rented by others when traveling in that city…direct with …Read More


It seems as though everyone now has email and access to the internet with expectations of information being available at our fingertips. In fact, many of our clients ask to be emailed or sent a text message when things are happening in the HOA…the way we communicate with each other has drastically changed in the last 5 years. All board of directors want to use their HOA website to keep …Read More

Maintaining Properties in Home Owners Associations

Dirty pool? Over grown tennis courts? Paint chipping on exterior walls? Don’t let your HOA get away with these things! As much as we preach to owners about the interior maintenance of their condos, keeping up the exterior of the complex is just as important. Curb appeal is a real thing… and it also reminds your potential Buyers that you care about the property. Your property management company should help …Read More

Technology and Common Interest Developments

Common interest developments are the only non-profits in California not permitted to vote electronically…almost hard to believe in the email world we live in today. However, AB 1360 in California hopes to change that. Assembly Bill 1360 is trying to change this rule with giving HOA’s the choice of offering its members the option to vote via the internet. How might this impact your HOA? Is it still vital to …Read More

Earthquake Insurance in Southern California

Feel that quake a few weeks back? If you in San Gabriel Valley and the outskirts my bet is that you did. Rethinking that earthquake insurance now? Might be a good idea. While everyone has their own theories about the next big one in southern California, there is no doubt that earthquake insurance will be helpful if the next one does come. Recently, there was a great article in the …Read More