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Property Management and Real Estate Services in Southern California

Cardinal Real Estate Group

We Manage

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Condominium complexes
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Single Family homes
  • Investment Property

Owning is one thing. Management of property and tenants is another. The business side of owning a multiple family dwelling is particularly challenging. Further, if it’s done wrong, building owners open themselves up to devastating legal action. Likewise single family homes have special issues. Making certain that the condition of your property maintains or increases its value is equally vital. We make certain of that.

Cardinal real estate professionals are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for both you, the building owner and your tenants. We can be reached by phone or email. A huge benefit in using us is that we have our own in-house management division for fast and dedicated response to issue that may arise.

Cardinal Real Estate Group is an experienced property management company.

Work with us and you will … Save money! Our one-time fee covers more than any other property manager. Some services carry a small charge. Don’t forget that management fees are tax deductible.

Cardinal Real Estate Group is very competitive when compared to other Los Angeles Property Management and Real Estate agent fees. Pay only a one-time fee once the property has been rented! Cardinal does all the work: Advising you on renovations, taking pictures of the property, advertising your vacancy, scheduling appointments and showings, screening tenants, preparing the lease and city-required paperwork, collecting 1st month’s rent and deposit, and finally handling the lease signing and assisting tenants with move-in issues!

When you contract with Cardinal Real Estate to lease your property, you get California State approved rental leases and forms, thorough tenant screenings, and the backing of a real estate broker that has been professionally renting real estate for many years.


How to pay rent

Paying rent and HOA dues has never been as easy! You can pay online with our easy o use payment system which will take the hassle out of writing checks each month!
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  • Since changing from Ross Morgan about 1 year ago, things at our building have only gotten better. Danny Padilla is our Manager, and has been instrumental in helping turn our building around and get us on the right track. He is responsive...

  • Having been with Cardinal Management (formerly Anchor Management) for several years, overall their service has been very good to excellent. We have had four property managers and three of them have been outstanding. They have...

  • Anchor (Cardinal Management) has managed our small 8 unit condominium for several years. Our property manager, Danny Padilla has done an outstanding job for our building. He responds to messages promptly and...

  • Cardinal handled my problem quickly when I had a roof leak in my condo. The repair man was out there within the hour! It's been a pleasure to work with them over the years. They are always on time with my statements and...

  • Our association has been with Anchor (Cardinal) Management for more than 15 years. Sure there have been times when service was not perfect. Yes, I have heard that over those years there were times when one board or another...

  • Our Association stays with Cardinal (former Anchor) Management for more than 15 years. We have a good working relationship with Cardinal. It is based on Cardinal and our Board working together on a daily basis. The Board...

  • Our HOA had worked with and been unsatisfied by a number of different mangement companies UNTIL we hired Danny Padilla and Cardinal Management. We've been using them for almost three years now, and they have been...

  • Our Condo hired them about 1 year ago and it has been all that we could have hoped for. We were previously with Ross Morgan and they neglected us, would not answer emails or phone calls and basically made our lives hell. We...

  • The Cardinal Management Group has done an excellent job in setting our HOA on a proper course. They've educated us on proper procedure and organized our elections. They've been able to accomplish more in...