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AirBnB – Love it or Leave it? Regardless, vacation home rentals should be left to management companies

Having a family of my own, I know the joys and hassle that sometimes occur on relaxing family vacations. Cramped quarters with three kids can be frustrating in a hotel…and that is how AirBnB arose.

AirBnB is a vacation home rental service without the big hotel reservation system. People from all over the world can submit their own homes to be rented by others when traveling in that city…direct with the owner. Sounds great, huh? Well what happens when things go awry? Travelers are met with a clogged toilet, dirty linens or a house that looks nothing like the pictures they viewed online? And, the homeowner is now out of the country while you reside in their dwelling. On top of that, throw in angry neighbors who are tired of having “house guests” in the home next door all the time? You guessed, regulators get involved.

Local cities are not standing idly by to these types of accommodations anymore. Malibu is cracking down on AirBnB listings in their city which is turning their suburban neighborhoods into hotel zones. Short term rentals are nothing new, but at what expense does the rest of the neighborhood pay for these rentals? Malibu is proposing a transient tax be added to these properties if they are going to act like hotels.

There is no doubt that everyone in this economy could use some extra cash. If you have a vacation home or rental, consult a real estate professional or management company about rules and regulations that pertain to rental properties.

Malibu to crack down on short-term rentals via Airbnb, other websites

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