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Good Advice to HOA Board Members…Remember, someone is always watching

At a recent graduation I attended, out of nowhere comes a drone flying over the entire class. The principle, clearly surprised, took a moment and used it in his speech to the new graduates. He reminded them that nearly at all times now, someone is always watching.

How does this pertain to you as a board director on your HOA board? Well, even in casual conversations with neighbors and other board members, keep in mind that what you say, can and will, be used against you. Issues pouring out over an un-watered lawn or a member who neglects their grounds? Be careful. We’re now in a severe drought with several people using this as an excuse for not tending to their lawn.

A communications policy and social media policy should be put into effect and agreed upon for all members. What you put on Facebook will stay on Facebook…forever. Think we’re lying? Here is a site that indexes every single page that has ever been put on the internet: http://archive.org/web/

Media training and communications classes may seem like a far stretch for some directors on your boards. But, if you are managing and representing a large HOA, it would never hurt.

Big brother is looking over us now more than ever.  For help in forming your next communications policy, contact Cardinal.

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