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Hiring a Professional Property Management Company

Recently, on the Community Associations Page on LinkedIn, there was a terrific post about questions you should ask when hiring a management company…we thought we would share!

Hiring a company to manage your association is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. The comprehensive list below, is a great start to identifying a management team.

1. Tell me about your philosophy in Community Management
2. Same for Business Management
3. What are you top three priorities
4. What are your Standards of Performance? For you. For the Community. For the Board
5. What is your biggest Challenge
6. What is the hardest problem to solve
7. Do you believe in totally open communication. If not, what do you believe should be closed
8. What can you do for the community that is better than other Managers
9. What do you think about Violations as a way to control bad behaviors
10. Why do you want this job??

For professional property management and full service real estate help, contact Cardinal today!

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