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Monthly Newsletters can work in your HOA

It seems as though the flow of information is coming at us in lighting speed … using Facebook, blogging, sending emails and texts are all normal business practices for many of us. People in all sectors want information now. Starting a monthly newsletter could be a great addition to your Home Owners Association.

Here are a few simple tips when sending out your next HOA newsletter to keep it interesting and timely:

  • Have guest editorials – Hearing from others in an HOA besides the president each time offers different perspectives and information. Have the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary take turns to write the opening section of the newsletter. Each of these people bring different experiences and perspectives and it keeps the newsletter fresh.
  • Interject humor – Consider adding a cartoon or even a joke (make sure it is appropriate for all viewers) to the newsletter. Humor helps people engage more.
  • Keep it concise – Long, drawn out newsletters that linger for pages will lose the reader. A simple two page newsletter will do the trick and respondents are more inclined to read it.
  • Deliver it electronically … and by snail mail if you can – A 40% open rate on an eblasted newsletter can be good but what about the other 60%? We’ve found that people still want to receive mail. If you have a small association, hand delivering to each units mailbox could also be an option.
  • Quality is better than frequency – Struggling for quality content for a particular month? Take a summer vacation or winter vacation for that month. If you have nothing new, informative, or interesting to say, don’t send it out. You’ll lose the attractiveness of the newsletter and the reader will be less inclined to continue to read it each month.
  • Have a Committee or task force who is in charge of the newsletter – Plan newsletters out and have each committee member take a stab at coming up with some relevant topics. Google is a great place to start searching for relative content.

Considering adding in advertising? Have a written policy on what advertising is allowed and the cost breakdown.

For help on producing your next newsletter or any help with HOA functions, contact Cardinal.

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