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We’re in a severe drought in California…should we drain our association pool?

To drain or not to drain…that is the question. Typically, associations drain pools to fix cosmetic surfaces…the tile, paving, or to get the pool re-plastered. Regardless of the association decision, take these few considerations into mind:

  • An empty pool can be an eye sore. Residents tend to care about their surroundings…will this affect potential buyers from not buying in this particular association? Maybe not, but it is something to consider.
  • Direct sunlight will ruin plaster surfaces. The pool will be more prone to cracking and damage without water. If you’re considering the cost savings of less water, make sure you think about this scenario as well. It costs A LOT of money to fix pools that have not been in use for several years.
  • Yes, an inebriated person will think it is funny to jump into a pool with no water. Post signs (large ones) that point out that the pool is empty and is closed.

As with any big decision in Home Owners Associations, consulting your counsel (and maybe even a construction or pool expert in this instance) should be done.

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