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Cardinal Real Estate Group Services … Buying and Selling

Specializing in the San Gabriel Valley we are committed to professionalism and customer service. Buying or selling a home or condominium is one of the most important things in your life. It can be thrilling and hopeful. It can also be stressful, but what we focus on here at Cardinal is helping you relieve that stress with good communication and even better listening.

Cardinal Real Estate Group of property managers

  • Advise you on renovations – some improvements will not increase value.
  • Take digital pictures of the property and its contents for insurance and your files
  • Advertise your vacancies and follow up on responses
  • Schedule the viewings and do the showing
  • Handle screening of potential tenants
  • Re-screen those who may be late payers and at renewal
  • Prepare all lease/rental contracts
  • Send out monthly billing and follow up with collections
  • Make certain all city-required forms are current
  • Can collect the monthly rent payments
  • Assist a new tenant with any move-in issues including operation instructions for any appliances
  • Respond when there are urgent tenant issues
  • Do all maintenance on your building
  • Handle evictions if needed
  • Prepare owner statements, P & L, and 1099 statements for tax purposes
  • Maintain a broker’s trust account for each owner

What do our rental property managers know that you may not?

All of the Fair Housing Laws

  • Americans with Disabilities Act fine points
  • The Environmental Protection Agency regulations on lead-based paint
  • Regulations regarding new certification, testing and clean-up requirements
  • Your city’s many, many regulations
  • The NARPM Code of Ethics grievance process
  • Habitability Standards as it addresses the Uniform Housing Code
  • Insurance company policies
  • How to interview for a really good tenant
  • Understand and mange the entire tenant cycle
  • Remediation steps when needed to protect residents and the property
  • Calendaring routine maintenance and implementing preventative actions
  • How to properly interview staff that may work on your property
  • How to convert from paper to digital documents, transfer and protect them
  • Act proactively on your behalf should we see or sense a problem
  • Market your property online including lead generation and social networking

Owner relations are important to us … and to you.

We are experts at properly managing tenant and owner expectations. Many issues can be addressed ahead of time thereby avoiding difficult situations and legal conflicts. We welcome questions and discussion of our Management Agreement, our policies and procedures that we will apply to the management of your property.
We minimize your risk, build your trust, guard your income, maintain or grow your property equity and reduce or eliminate your stress.


  • This is a fantastic place to live and properties here are great investments. As a seller, you’ll need a real estate professional with special skills. We will represent your best interests. It starts with your home’s valuation, the comparable sales in your area and then listing it at the right price. We know how and where to market your property and will even stage it for the very best impression.

    We have an in-house division that can help get the property into shape and do any repairs necessary.

    We also can help with landscape advice and clean up. We’ll be right with you during any negotiations and make certain you are happy with the results.

    Think moving is a hassle? We’ll even help you find a great packer and mover.

  • This large investment for you and your family is exciting. The emotional and financial rewards in selecting the right property are immense. This is where you will find comfort and security. Most importantly this is a place where you can raise your family and perhaps have generations of family to come visit and enjoy all your holidays.

    If this is your first home buying experience, we will help you understand the process and the path ahead. We know the area you are looking in and will help you hone down the choices to save you time and sanity.

    Some hidden details like knowing if Parks, Schools and or Shopping Centers are nearby, are crucial in the decision making process.  We will not only help you understand where these attributes to your neighborhood are but also how far these are from your future home.  School Performance and community comparisons are also available to you! Even more we will help you understand the valuations in your desired neighborhood.

    As you begin to negotiate for your home, we will be right with you each step of the way and represent your interests.

    When Escrow nears the end, there are many detail that will come up. We will navigate those with you. Then … we’ll help you with the move and even make recommendations for any work you’d like done upon ownership.

  • With our knowledge of the marketplace, we will help you find the commercial property or the residential income property that fits your investment goals. Inventory changes daily, so ask us to gather your options.