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Since changing from Ross Morgan about 1 year ago, things at our building have only gotten better. Danny Padilla is our Manager, and has been instrumental in helping turn our building around and get us on the right track. He is responsive to our needs and is a pleasure to work with! Danny Ellis of Brig Maintenance and Dennis Clark of Britannia Plumbing who where introduced to us through Cardinal have also proven to be great assets. If you are shopping for a Management Company, then look no further!

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Having been with Cardinal Management (formerly Anchor Management) for several years, overall their service has been very good to excellent. We have had four property managers and three of them have been outstanding. They have been responsive and knowledgeable. We were managed for a time by an employee who is no longer with the company and while that experience was very bad, when we requested a new manager we got our current manager, who is terrific. Formerly our complex had a maintenance guy who was less than honest about the cost of work that needed to be done, but Cardinal's maintenance person does terrific work, frequently suggesting ways to do repairs for less.

Anchor (Cardinal Management) has managed our small 8 unit condominium for several years. Our property manager, Danny Padilla has done an outstanding job for our building. He responds to messages promptly and handles the situation in an extremely professional manner. Some of the homeowners become frustrated when things are not handled immediately- but Danny always takes his time to make sure the job is done properly and in the end everyone is more than satisfied with the outcome. He attends meetings and maintains a friendly and knowledgeable, relationship with all the homeowners. One of our major concerns with a management company is the relatively small size of our building. This has NOT been a problem at all. I for one am extremely grateful to the support and expertise Danny Padilla and Cardinal/Anchor provide

Cardinal handled my problem quickly when I had a roof leak in my condo. The repair man was out there within the hour! It's been a pleasure to work with them over the years. They are always on time with my statements and are courteous and Professional whenever I have questions. If you want peace of mind, I can't recommend this more!

Our association has been with Anchor (Cardinal )Management for more than 15 years. Sure there have been times when service was not perfect. Yes, I have heard that over those years there were times when one board or another has considered changing management companies. During a time they changed several property managers over the years and last couple years we are with Alana. I have been an owner and a board member at my association for 10 years. I was always treated respectfully, and always received whatever help I needed. Maybe that is because I always tried to treat them respectfully, as that is the way I would want to be treated.Nobody is perfect and working with different people and different personalities is very hard job.Cardinal Management try their best to work with everyday problems .Maybe if people are little more patient in their needs and not spoiled the Cardinal Management company will be good fit for their HOA Alana from Cardinal deserve 5 stars in customer service.

Our Association stays with Cardinal (former Anchor) Management for more than 15 years. We have a good working relationship with Cardinal. It is based on Cardinal and our Board working together on a daily basis. The Board identifies the problems and suggests solutions before engaging Cardinal, since we understand that Cardinal will perform at its best when the tasks are clearly specified. Our Managing Agent Alana Ellis is prompt in responding to our Association's needs. By keeping close contacts with the Board and Residents she assures smooth running of the Association. Brig Maintenance Service Company is another side of Cardinal. We would like to specifically mention Dan Ellis who provides invaluable services and who helped tremedously during emergencies. In conclusion it should be stated that we like to work with Cardinal. The company is as good as the Association who engages it. If the Association is doing its part- Cardinal always performs.

Our HOA had worked with and been unsatisfied by a number of different mangement companies UNTIL we hired Danny Padilla and Cardinal Management. We've been using them for almost three years now, and they have been terrific in every aspect of managing our property, which is comprised of 18 owner-occupied townhomes. They are very attentive and respond quickly to all issues as they arise. They're also extremely knowledgable. Prior to working with them, our HOA was disorganized and under-funded. But after just two years, we were on a sound financial footing and were properly maintaining and improving our property. Danny Padilla and Cardinal Management were exactly what we had been looking for, and they have delivered outstanding results. I recommend them highly.

Our Condo hired them about 1 year ago and it hs been all that we could have hoped for. We were previously with Ross Morgan and they neglected us, would not answer emails or phone calls and basically made our lives hell. We then changd to Cardinal and have been thilled with the responsivness, hard work and follow up. Our rep Danny Padilla attends every Board meeting and follows up on every detail. We are lucky to work with such a professional group of people.

Eric Blackwell

The Cardinal Management Group has done an excellent job in setting our HOA on a proper course. They've educated us on proper procedure and organized our elections. They've been able to accomplish more in the past two years than any of the companies who managed our property in the past.