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4 Suggestions to Effectively Utilize Committees in HOA Matters

A committee here, a task force there … many of us in HOA management and in board positions can be pulled in several directions. From financial overview to grounds keeping, there are several things an HOA board has to do to keep up with the management of the properties. Effective committees help the entire board by focusing on certain issues and coming up with solutions that can be presented to the board. Segmenting certain tasks to smaller groups is effective when dealing with several issues that may come up for a board of directors.

Here are a 4 suggestions for effective committees.

  1. Make sure the committee has a written committee description – what exactly is expected of each committee member? Having this listed in writing keeps people accountable.
  2. Elect a committee chair – a committee chair has the ability to lead as well as the content knowledge. Maybe you had a committee member whose profession is accounting. They may benefit in a financial role. Being able to communicate effectively is key in a chair position … and being able to wear a bigger hat is essential. The committee chair celebrates the committee’s success versus personal gain.
  3. Have well run meetings – Take minutes, focus on the issues at hand by creating agendas, and plan a certain amount of time for certain topics. If they don’t get resolved, table them for another time.
  4. Provide an orientation for new committee members. This helps them understand the role they are to play and their responsibilities as a committee member.

Board meetings will run smoother with effective committees. Ask us today how to set these up with your Board of Directors if you are currently not utilizing committees. We can help.

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